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Are you having a problem with keys?

serrurier paris

Getting Locked or wanted to do something on your key?

Are you locked out? Lost your car key or maybe you need a new set of keys and locks for a new home in Paris? SOS Habitat has the experience and the best equipment to provide you an immediate on – the – spot 24 hour locksmith services. Our professional locksmith will arrive in your place with no time. Continue reading

Q Acoustics

What Are The Different Types Of Speakers

Sound Bars

Sounds bars is one type of complete speakers offer convenience to be able to satisfy the users. Sounds bar can be accessed directly through your television with a port that has been supplied. Sounds bar has several advantages such, is able to produce a clear sound in the room is small having fewer wires to be connected and configuration is fairly easy. You can consider buying a complete speaker bar-type sounds, when your room is not too big and symmetrical. Continue reading

How to Bet on UFC Matches

The Upcoming UFC 190


UFC 190 would be one of the fiercest UFC series in this year. It will meet two great top ranked women fighters who will fight to win the title. Those fighters are Rousey and Correia where Rousey is the defending and reigning champion. Betting websites have set some bettings on this upcoming fight where Rousey is still predicted to be the winner with very low odds (approximately -1000). It is not surprising since Rousey has never been beaten inside the octagon ring and never lose her title as the champion. If we are into UFC betting and willing to win easy money then we should pick Rousey as our choice.

UFC Betting Odds

However, even betting website with the highest traffic cannot guarantee its betting odds to be 100% accurate. There is always a chance for the underdog who in here is Correia to win the match. Although her odds are apparently very high (+1000), she remains unbeaten after eight times fighting in UFC. Therefore, it makes some people to bet against the spread. Yes, it is basically a betting tactic to win some great amount of bucks by betting on a choice which has high odds. If their choice happens to win the match then they will going to win big. However, this tactic is very risky since betting websites hire expert handicappers who give the most accurate betting odds and lines. It means that based on the overall data, the choice with low odds is predicted to win the match. This might scare off the bettors who bet against the spread but UFC is a sport with some amazing surprises and it’s hard to predict the outcome of the match. Even a new fighter in this sport is able to land some heavy punches to the defending and reigning champion, so watch out.

Cornhole and Bru-Bag, What’s the Difference?

Hey, what are you going to do in this weekend? Do not just spend your time in front the TV as you have another option to take: doing something with your friends. Yeah, there is nothing better than gathering with your best friends and having a great time together outside the house though it does not mean you have to go to the shopping mall or somewhere else. You can play a game in the yard that definitely will not get you bored. Bingo!Bru-Bag is a yard game you should play with your buddies at least once in a lifetime.


Why many people love it? Because this is very easy to play and you must be familiar with the game; Bru-Bag applies cornhole rules and beer pong rules so you must have an idea of how to play it, right? Although you know how to use the board with six holes and the bean bags, can you mention the difference between Bru-Bag and Cornhole as the basic idea of this game?

The distance

To play Bru-Bag, you need two teams consisting of at least two players for each. One team has one board and some bean bags to throw to the holes. Now, how far you need to place your board from your opponent’s? In Cornhole, you gave to put yours 27 feet away from your opponent’s, yet in Bru-Bag you have a shorter distance, 25 feet. But, it does not mean you can win easier as still, it depends on your skill.

The rule

One similarity you will find in Bru-Bag and Cornhole is the rule that you have to throw the bean bag into the hole to get three points while if it sinks on the board, one point will be given. However, Bru-Bag tells you to cover the hole after a bag goes through, just like when you play beer pong. Some other rules are applied in the game, so explore them and have fun!


Useful Guides for Getting FFXIV Flying Mount

As we know, flying mount is the brand new kind of mount which is found in the Heavensward, Final Fantasy XIV’s first expansion. These flying mounts are chosen by players because their some advantages than the usual ground mount. Their benefit is their speed, which is faster than other ground mounts. So here are some interesting guides for collecting different types of flying mounts.


Fat Chocobo

Black chocobo is included in FFXIV chocobo mount that can fly across the game area. This mount is named by its larger size than the usual mount. This mount is also described as super eat-lover. Fat chocobo is collected from PlayStation 4 Collector’s Edition Bonuses. This fat flying mount will be flying right after the player finishesa quest in Foundation. This quest is called ‘I Belive I Can Fly’.

Black Chocobo

This FFXIV chocobo mount is known for the very first flying mount in the Heavensward. This mount is described as black-skinned chocobo from Ishgardian which is trained by SerHaurchefaunt, the famous House Knight. Black chocobo can be obtained by accomplishing the Main Scenario Quest Divine Intervention.


Griffin is a magnificent winged creature from Final Fantasy XXIV game. This mount is well-known for its great experience in serving as mount. Griffin is collected by buying the Collector’s Edition or Digital Collector’s Edition of Heavensward expansion. This kind of flying mount is released in patch 3.0

Legacy Chocobo

Legacy chocobo, another FFXIV chocobo mount, is one of the most loyal mount in the game. In the story of this Final Fantasy Edition, you will disappear at Carteneau Flats for 5 years, and for this time, legacy chocobo will spend all the time for searching his master. His story is deeply heartbreaking. To get this flying mount, all you need is just finishing the ‘I Believe I can fly’ quest. The basic legacy chocobo (ground mount) can be found from Final Fantasy XIV 1.0, but the flying Legacy Chocobo is only available in Heavensward expansion.


Successful Web Design for Business Websites

Web design طراحی سایت has been the major part of internet marketing. Most of all business sectors market their products or services. The more attractive the website, the more likely it will attract potential customers. In the other articles we have been discussing about the principles of effective web design, now in this article we are going to discuss about the tips for designing a successful website. After telling some tips in the last two articles, now we are entering the last part of “Tips for Successful Web Design طراحی سایت”, there are few more useful tips that you can follow in order to have a successful website with an attractive design.


Strive for Simplicity

Simplicity is simply better than complexity. Simplicity requires less time and will save you lots of money from the charge of web designer that is responsible to design your website. It is better to keep everything simple such as simple writing, clickable buttons, grid and columns to get everything streamlined, and the F pattern to keep the visitors’ attention focus to what your website offer. The simple your website to be navigate by the visitors the better it will be.

Use White Space

Do not be afraid to play with white space. It is better to have plain white space as your background rather than having complicated structure that might puzzle your visitors. White space is used to separate between two grid lines or columns so that your page does not look all wrapped up. The hierarchy structure of your website will reduce the complexity that might puzzle your visitors. The main goal for a website is to make your content to be easily perceived by the visitors. The more you can manage to provide your visitors with a sense of hierarchy, the easier your content will be perceived by them.


Some Reasons For Paternity Testing

Paternity testing is new thing for me as I have lived with my father since I was born. I know this kind of test from my friend as she is going to have a sequence of test to identify her biological father. This kind of test really interests me that I want to write couple of things about this issue. It is right that I do not experience this kind of testing by myself, but from my friend’s experience I could tell you that there are some reason why people take this kind of testing. Here are some reasons that people have to have such test.


Ensuring biological father

Some people told their children after so many years who is their biological fathers because their mother have new relationships with their “new” fathers. This does not create any problem between children and fathers actually. But, the curiosity about their biological fathers are strong that they want to take certain paternity testing to ensure themselves about their biological fathers. I think this is very common among children who are adopted or separated from their biological parents when they were kids. Knowing their biological fathers would be very relieving for them although this will not change anything.

Completing court cases

This is another reason why some people are willing to take a paternity testing. This kind of testing is often used for children who are fighting their rights to win certain claims. The authentic result of this test will be very helpful to support certain claims in the court especially family cases that involve siblings from different parents. Finally, to prove that a father and a child has relationship, DNA testing would be the best solution for them. If you are going to have this kind of testing, you might use one of those reasons of you might have another reason. You can share here if you don’t mind and I will get more information about this kind of testing.


Two Types of Meditation for Relaxation Therapy Training

Only a few of you might already about relaxation therapy training (sophrologie formation)? For those who do not know about it will learn so much for the next seconds. Relaxation therapy training itself is a new method of stress relieve by using our consciousness and also our mind. In short, it is some kind of meditation so that you don’t have to take drugs that are bad for you. There are several types of therapy training out there that can be practiced. But Visualization meditation and body scan meditation are the two that we will cover in this article.


Visualization meditation for stress relieve

Visualization meditation is different than any other kinds of meditation that you have ever encountered. While a regular meditation force us to empty our mind, visual meditation do the opposite thing. It requires us to focus on some imagination where our mind can wander to and be relaxed. For instance, you can imagine that you’re in the middle of a bamboo forest, green savannah, or some tropical southern beach. While meditating, try to activate at least three different senses such as your smell, taste, and visual. In this way, you will be occupied with your present times and less with your stress.

Stress reducing meditation called body scan

The second type of meditation is called the body scan meditation which is also a part of relaxation therapy method. In this one, we are trying to feel every sensation in our body which is also called scanning. The first thing that you need to do is sit cross legged in the most comfortable environment that you can find. Then, you try to feel every sensation in your body starting from your legs and work upward. By the end of your scanning, which is in the head area, you can feel your stress being reduced from the aware mind and consciousness.


The rate of Refinance Student Loans


It seems very interesting to refinance our student loans. The benefits which are offered seem like what we need. The refinance student loans will make our debt have lower interest rates. With lower rates, we may be able to finish the debt faster. Otherwise, we will be able to have better financial situation because the rates are not really high. Generally, the rates of the loans become our struggle in paying our debt. However, we know the consequences of being in debt that is paying the interest also.

Getting lower rates

Most of the student loan rates are high. Dewey Trump on said that he used to have interest rate of student loan is 8%. The rate seems make an awful debt. But, he could fix it with refinancing his student loan. After he refinanced his student loan, he got 4% rates for the debt. It seems that Dewey Trump’s experience in paying high debt of student loan is also ours. Then, it seems so interesting to get the refinance student loans. With the rate that can be cut off until a half, it may be our hope.

The rate of the loans from the lenders

Many lenders will offer to get 1.90% of rates for the refinance student loans. However, it will happen if we are qualified for certain criteria. The lenders offer the 1.90% of rates for worthy credit. It may not be easy to get that rate for our debt. Although we cannot get the worthy credit with 1.90% of interest rates, we will still get lower rates of the student loan. Generally, we will get 3% until 5%. If we see the student loans from the Dewey Trump’s case, we get those rates for our loan seems better from the previous student loan.


Amazing Life Coaching, Why Does It Works?

Life coaching or also known as sophrology is one way to create a harmony between your body, mind, and soul thus you can live your life in a more positive way. It does not mean that you have to have a problematic life to hire a life coach. Not at all. Changes always happen in your life whether you like it or not. When your heart and mind does not synergize well, you will not be able to face the changes and this may result in anxiety and even depression. This is the real problem.

To prepare yourself for the changes in life, you do not need to call for a life coach actually as you can be a sophrologist, too. Join the course and you will know how to become a sophrologist (devenir sophrologue).


. But before you decide to be it, do you know why a life coaching or sophrology can help people to harmonize the three elements in them?


Although you can be one of them, not all people can be a life coach or sophrologist. If you search for how to become a sophrologist, you will know there are special courses for that especially in European countries like France and Belgium. This is the reason why sophrologists are able to synergize your body and soul; because they are well-trained so the accountability are not doubted.

Good delivery

A sophrologist is different from a motivator because he or she does not only motivate you to make betterment in your life, but also make you find the meaning of what you do through the right and positive words. How can a sophrologist do that? By understanding your heart and mind. By the time you know the reason behind your actions, your performance will be upgraded so you can have a brighter life. See? Sophrology is not magic, yet expertise and dedication.